Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She's Way Too Little But...

Samantha is already trying to sit up on her own! I've noticed for a couple of weeks she needs very little support and help to hold herself up. If she is being held she does not want to be laying back. She wants to be sitting up, watching everyone and everything. So just for kicks yesterday while playing on the floor I decided to sit her up and slowly let go to see what would happen.

This is what happened...

She only sat for a few seconds before she started to wobble and lean. She was a little slumped over as well but I was still surprised that she managed to hold herself upright long enough for me to take picture. She is not even 4 months old yet!!

I looked in Gabrielle's baby book this morning and saw that she was sitting up alone at 5 months. I do remember that she was able to sit with very little support around 4 months though because she was able to sit in her high chair when she started cereal and baby food.

Samantha will be our last baby so it is very bittersweet to see her grow up so quickly. I don't think I will be encouraging any new milestones and if anyone can tell me where to find a switch to slow down her growth please let me know!!

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