Friday, August 21, 2009

Sleepless Night

Samantha has reached a new milestone - she is now rolling over onto her tummy. There are two problems with this: 1- she really, really, really dislikes being on her belly and 2 - she has not figured out how to turn back over onto her back.

A few weeks ago while playing on the floor she rolled over onto her belly for the first time. Even though I marked it on her baby calendar as her first rollover, I decided it was a fluke occurrence because she would not even so much as get on her side for days after that. Three days ago, however, again while playing on the floor, she rolled over once again. For a couple of days prior I had seen signs of what was soon to come. She was "traveling" quite a bit in her crib, laying on her side while pushing with her feet against the mattress and crib sides to spin in circles. And then sure enough, she rolled over. She has not wanted to stay on her back ever since. I lay her down, she rolls over. Again and again and again. Each time she fusses and cries as if she had no choice and was placed on her tummy against her will.

I woke up to Samantha's fussing around 4:00 this morning. She had rolled over. Her left arm was caught beneath her chest. She could not decide if she wanted her pacifier or her fingers and was unsuccessful at keeping either one in her mouth for more than a couple of seconds. I sleepily picked her up after realizing holding her pacifier in her mouth was just not going to do. For what felt like hours, I rocked a wriggly and squirmy baby. After feeding her to calm her down I was faced with a decision: go to bed only to fall asleep minutes before my alarm was to go off or stay up, double up on the coffee and try to have a productive morning.

Regretfully - **yawn** - I chose the latter.

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