Saturday, January 11, 2014

"I'm Being Raised By Wolves"

There are times - lots of times - when I look at my daughters and I think to myself, "Where did the time go? How are they so grown up already??" Like many mothers, I get sentimental and get "baby fever" even though in my mind and really even in my heart, I know our family is just as it should be right now. We are content being a family of four.

As much as I miss about the baby stage - the sweet smell of a baby, the ease with which they smile and giggle at you, the serenity and peace you experience when rocking your little one - I have to admit having older kids is a lot fun. We have gone places and experienced new things in the past year or so that would have never been possible with a baby or even a toddler in the family. Today is one example.

Ed was able to get tickets for N.C. State vs. Virginia basketball game today. This is the third "big" sporting event we've taken the girls - the first a State football game last year and the second a State basketball game this past November. Unfortunately tonight my girls got their first lesson in how difficult it is to be a Wolfpack fan at times.

It was certainly not their best effort. In fact, from the very first minute of the game I'm not sure there was really any effort put forth by the Wolfpack!!

Yes, it was bad. Unfortunately it didn't get any better. We left with 7 minutes left in the game. On the radio on the way home we heard the final score. We lost by 30 points. Ouch!! No, it isn't easy being a Wolfpack fan!!

But the night was still fun - for most of us. Unless something changes, and it certainly could, Samantha is not a big fan of sporting events. I guess sitting or even standing for that long just isn't her thing. Gabrielle loves it though. In fact she was in tears when we left early. She loves the crowd, the cheering, watching the cheerleaders and the dance team, the food - all of it. She truly loves it and has a blast!

The food is the one thing Samantha does enjoy at the game. Ed and I had bbq nachos. It kind of sounds weird and gross - or at least it did to me the first time but goodness, it's pretty tasty. The girls had cotton candy, pizza and a hotdog. Oh, and Sierra Mist. They never get sodas unless we are out somewhere like a sporting event or something similar so this is big treat for them.

And dippin' dots. We all shared some dippin' dots. It was the only saving grace for staying at the game any longer after halftime. Samantha by that time was whining and crying to go home. Ice cream always does the trick.

My kids are still growing up way faster than I would like but I think I'll keep my big kids and enjoy all these experiences through their eyes. I'll just have to get my baby fix with someone else's baby from time to time.

**I thought I would take a minute to explain the title of this blog post. One of the photos displayed on the jumbotron at the game was a sweet little thing wearing a onesie with this printed on it along with a Wolfpack patch and matching Wolfpack bow. It was too sweet and cute!

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Jayne said...

Gooooo Pack!

And yes, it is terribly hard to be a Wolfpack fan. I like to think it teaches you all sorts of life skills that will be valuable later in life. Ha!!