Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Days

We had our first snow of this year. It may end up as our only snow but with high temperatures not getting out of the low 40s any time in the foreseeable forecast, I would bet we may just end up with another little bit before this winter is over.

The snowfall was a bit of a disappointment - for me anyway. Just enough to have school cancelled for some, delayed for others. Not enough to really play in or even build a tiny snowman.

The girls were excited to see even a little white stuff. They did not seem to mind it was barely anything at all.

The snow began falling around 8:00 pm. I chose not to let my girls go out and play even for a tiny bit while the snow was coming down. Maybe I should have. Hopefully if we indeed do have another snow this winter it will start while it is still daylight. What kid doesn't want to catch a snowflake on their tongue and dance around, run around while snowflakes are falling? After seeing the movie "Frozen" their passion for snow has only grown exponentially.

My favorite part of the snow and cold? The moments I could stay inside, wrapped up in a blanket with a nice hot cup of coffee!!

The dogs could not really care less for the snow and cold either.

Actually in the past, when we have had an actual measurable amount of snow, the dogs probably had as much fun as the rest of us!

If I could place an order, specify exactly how much and when for snow, this amount in the picture below would be great, start falling on Friday morning and be gone by Sunday night. Ed gets aggravated with missing work and closing the warehouse due to the weather and would not enjoy the snow with us if it messed up the work week. Plus now that we have school aged children, missing school is fun only until the make up day arrives!



Only time will tell what the rest of the winter will bring!

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Jayne said...

I love house pictures in the snow!!

And I agree with your idea of perfect timing!