Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sledding for the First Time!

What's a snow day without sledding?

We don't own a sled but a few years ago I saw an idea on a blog I read regularly to use a laundry basket. At the time the girls were only 3 and not quite 1 so the laundry basket was ideal. Ed attached Mattie's leash and pulled them around. They loved it (until the basket tipped over and well, you would have thought they had dropped several feet but my girls are a tad on the dramatic side and they were little).

The girls saw the pictures of themselves in the laundry basket a few days ago. With the memory fresh in their mind, they asked if we could take the laundry basket out again. When Ed got home from work yesterday we piled on the layers and headed out one last time for the day.

The girls were a bit disappointed at first when I informed them they were not going to be pulled with a leash this time around. They are not babies anymore! Big girls get sent down the hills on their own!! But they quickly realized how much more fun real sledding is (if you can call sliding down a short little dip in a laundry basket "real sledding"!)

We don't have any real hills near our house but we made do with the slight slope of our front yard. After a few turns in the basket our friendly neighbor across the street brought over their real sled for us to try out. Wow - this was so much better!

Mommy even gave it a try. I can't believe this was the first time I have ever been on a sled but I did grow up on a pretty flat island and only had snow a few times ever. This was so much fun!

I will be buying a sled the next chance I get. Ed's comment was "if that's what it takes to only have snow every 3-4 years, go for it!" He is not a big fan of snow. He does have fun with the girls in the snow though.

The next time we'll be prepared with our own sled and will have to search out some better hills!!

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Casey said...

Hee hee. I like the videos. But the pictures are especially ones for the memory books.