Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

Another snow day for us! As far as amount goes, it was ideal. Timing? Well, not so great because we now have two more days of school to make up this year. But it was a fun day so maybe it was worth it?

School was let out early yesterday to avoid buses on the road during the beginning of the storm. Well, the snow didn't start here until almost 7:00 last night so early release really wasn't necessary. I understand making any kind of decision about school delays, releases and cancellations is a difficult one and no choice is ever going to make everyone happy. But an early release with reasons of snow only made for a long afternoon anticipating the white stuff.

It was cold and it was getting late but I promised the girls they could go outside during the actual snowfall this time around. The first flakes were teeny tiny little things but we bundled up and headed out regardless.

We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland for sure! Everything was so pretty covered in snow!!

Snow cream was for breakfast - obviously, right? We are in the south!

Right after our breakfast of champions we bundled up again and headed out to play. The snow was dry and powdery. Not good for making snowmen. We made snow blobs instead!
Gabrielle's snow man

Samantha's snow man - I made the hump, she decorated it.

We walked around and explored the yard. We even went to the creek in our backyard, through the "forest" as the girls call it. The girls have only been back there once or twice. As a child, I played in the woods all the time, near a big ditch. Funny how I do not let my kids do the same thing when I have nothing but fun memories of the same experience. But I guess I was a little older when I was running through the woods with my friends! Back to present tense, the girls were nervous in the beginning but soon the nerves turned to fun on our "adventure."

We were outside for a quite a while before the cold started really getting to us. One last thing to do before heading in to get dry and warm - snow angels!!

Playing in the snow is only fun if you warm up afterwards with hot chocolate, right? I used my espresso/latte machine to froth the milk for the hot chocolate. It makes the best hot chocolate. Hot enough to warm the body but not too hot to not sip on right away! And so thick and creamy too!!
Cheesiness at its best!

It is freezing now!! Actually, it is way below freezing right now, literally. School has been cancelled again for tomorrow. The only plans for the evening - to not get out of the warm bed any more than absolutely necessary and sleep in a little tomorrow!

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Cute little snow angels!!