Monday, October 5, 2009


One of Gabrielle's birthday gifts was a Build-a-Bear gift card from her cousin Emily. On Saturday afternoon we made the trip to Crabtree Mall for Gabrielle to use her gift card. It was quite a different experience from the first time we took her to Build-a-Bear.

Last year when she turned two we took her there to let her spend some money she received as a gift. Gabrielle was not a very opinionated 2-year-old and basically Ed and I chose what she was going to make from the animal to the outfit.

I took Gabrielle again this past June after we got a special email coupon for a free animal. She was definitely more choosy on that visit and insisted on getting a pink sparkly unicorn.

This visit Gabrielle noticed that some of the animals had "babies" - miniature already stuffed versions of the animals. She had to have an animal that also had a baby. After standing and studying all the animals, tapping her fingers on her chin, obviously contemplating this very tough decision, she chose the seasonal Spooky Kooky Kitty and her baby.

Gabrielle and her new friends "Momma Cat" & "Sister Baby Cat"

Gabrielle was much more involved in the whole process of stuffing the kitty than she was even in June with the unicorn. She also wanted clothes for her kitty and of course chose the pink ballet outfit and shoes. As if there was ever any doubt what she would pick! Ed showed her several other outfits and even wanted the kitty to try them on just to see and with each one Gabrielle's response was "No, no, no, not that one. The ballerina!!"

All of her Build-a-Bear animals have had a turn wearing
the ballerina outfit. This is her first animal, Pooh Bear, wearing
the tutu.

It was also Ed's idea to show Gabrielle the different sound options she could put inside her kitty so we'll be hearing "meow" nonstop for however long it takes for the button to stop working!

There have been several performances and recitals by the various
Build-a-Bear animals. Gabrielle lines up her other gazillion
stuffed animals as the audience.

Thank you again Emily for the gift card ~ Gabrielle loves her kitties!!
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