Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Even though the first day of fall was a couple of weeks ago and we've had some cooler weather since this is the first weekend that has truly felt like fall to me. I'm not sure why. Friday and Saturday were both pretty warm days but it just felt like fall!

On Saturday I spent the day packing up a lot of our warm weather clothes and unpacking the girls' cool weather clothes. Gabrielle enjoyed this because she got to look through all of the cute outfits her Aunt Faith passed on to us. She tried on some outfits, jackets, shoes and socks and modeled them for her daddy. It was warm in the house that day but she still didn't want to take off the clothes after trying them on. She is such a girlie girl ~ she loves clothes!! It was sad for me to go through the clothes because I realized that Gabrielle will soon be too big for toddler sizes in anything. I had to go in the little girls' section in Target on Friday just to buy her some tights. It was very strange to not shop for her in the baby/toddler section. When going through Samantha's clothes I realized how big she is getting as well and how fast both of my girls are growing.

I love fall foods and was so excited about baking some pumpkin muffins on Saturday afternoon. They were so yummy! Tonight for dinner we had chili and cornbread. Yummy again! I have a couple more cool weather comfort foods planned for the week ahead. I realize I could make most of these dishes any time of year but they are so much better once fall arrives.

Now for some pics of my growing girls!

Hope everyone enjoys the cool weather this week!!

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Faith said...

I know how you feel, it's hard to find "cute" clothes for Lindsey since she can wear the smallest or sometimes bigger size in the "big girls" section.

Danielle Banks said...

I know what you mean about "fall" foods. I have been wanting either some chili or vegetable beef soup especially after today really cool, rainy weather. I cooked an apple nut cake this weekend and the house smelled so good, just like fall!!! Fall is my favorite time of the year when I can put on jeans and a sweatshirt and head outside. I'm so looking forward to this weekend!!