Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying Out Curlers, part 2

Amazingly enough when Gabrielle woke up this morning (at 5:45 am!!) only one curler had fallen out and it was on the back of her head. She apparently could not wait for me to get out of bed and get Samantha changed before she began pulling the remaining curlers out. When I got to her room she had pulled out 4 or 5 of them.

Right after removing the curlers, before combing through her hair.

After combing and styling her hair.

Don't her curls look cute? It is now 12:30, the day is half over and she has been to ballet this morning so now she has only very loose wave and bounce left in her hair but I think that is pretty good considering I did not use any styling product or hairspray. I think when I do the curlers for pictures I'll use a little spray to hold the curl better and I will touch up the curl with my curling iron as well.

As for Samantha, doesn't she look cute in these pajamas? They are a hand-me-down from Aunt Faith. They are a little big on her but not as big as you would think considering she is only 5 months old and the pajamas are a size 12 month!!

Samantha enjoying her nice cool teether straight from the fridge.
She really chews on a lot these days. I still don't see any signs
of teeth but we'll see how much longer. Gabrielle didn't get her first
tooth until 7-1/2 months so I'm very interested to see if Samantha will
be earlier or later.

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