Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trying Out Curlers, part 1

Last Christmas I bought some pillow curlers for Gabrielle. She has very fine, very straight hair. I have tried in the past to curl her hair with a curling iron and the slight curl that I can get in her hair falls right out within an hour. We only tried these new pillow curlers once last year but we didn't follow the suggested styling tips so they didn't really turn out that well. The curlers work best if you sleep while wearing them and I just didn't think Gabrielle would keep them in - until now. I figured she is becoming such a big girl in so many ways that maybe we could at least give it a try. She was very excited about them. I just checked on her, now sound asleep in her bed, and the curlers all seem to still be in place. She is quite a wild sleeper so we'll see how well they stay in throughout the night.

Doesn't she look cute in her curlers? I can't wait to the results in the morning!!

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