Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just A Swingin'

Another beautiful day, another fun afternoon outside. We decided - well, actually I guess I decided - instead of going to the park today we would hang out in the backyard.

Today was Samantha's first time in a swing. The sun was a little bright but I think she enjoyed it. Gabrielle loved having her sister beside her swinging and also had a ton of fun pushing Samantha in the swing. I wish I had my video camera because the two of them were laughing hysterically at one another! I am in no hurry for Samantha to grow up but I can tell from today next summer is going to be so much fun and Gabrielle is going to love having someone to run around with and play with everyday. (Well maybe not everyday. )

Gabrielle played with Bella a little, chasing her and trying to play fetch with her. Bella isn't great at retrieving and Gabrielle doesn't really throw very far so the game was a rather slow and boring one.

I have LOVED the weather this week! Windows open, playing outside, getting out all of our fall clothes and I am now craving some yummy fall food like apple crisp! Mmmm... Even though it is supposed to get a tad warmer over the weekend I'm hoping really hot days are behind us and many, many, many more cool fall days lay ahead!
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