Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Bash

I have wanted to blog all about Gabrielle's birthday but I have been so tired and unmotivated to sit at the computer and type. But here I am finally...

I think Gabrielle's party went well. It was cool and drizzly and the backyard was a mess. Rather than having everyone in and out of the house we decided it was easier to keep the party inside. Ed opened all the windows so we would have some air circulating through the house in hopes to prevent it from getting too hot once 35 people were packed inside.

I have to say I'm rather proud of Gabrielle's cake. Once I had finished decorating it I brought Gabrielle into the kitchen to take a look. She said, "Ah, it's so beautiful!" My heart melted. Those were some of the sweetest words I've ever heard.

Gabrielle was so excited Friday and Saturday morning as we were all running around getting everything ready. We really did not go all out but just the simplest things made her so happy. She loved her 3 balloons from Dollar Tree. I wanted to put a couple on the mailbox but Gabrielle said they might get scared and wet so no balloons made it out.

Gabrielle has continued to play with each and every single thing she received. She got so many cute and fun gifts!

This week we've been enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We've been outside playing and roller skating and have been to the park two days in a row now and are planning yet another trip to the park tomorrow! It's been great for me because Gabrielle plays really hard for a couple of hours, then once we're home sits quietly and plays or watches TV while I'm making dinner and has been going to bed early. Last night she fell asleep on the couch before I could even get her to bed!!

Thanks again to everyone for sharing Gabrielle's birthday with us and for all the birthday wishes. We feel so loved and blessed to have such great family and friends!!

And finally, I don't want to leave Samantha out of another post so here are some recent pictures of her playing. She has discovered her feet and toes. She really likes sitting up in the floor playing and in the past couple of days has started rolling all over the place!

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