Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Gabrielle,

Happy Birthday, baby! I cannot believe you are three years old today! I can still remember the day we found out about you. I drove home from work praying so hard for you. When I found out you were on your way I could not stop crying I was so happy. I even had to drive to your Daddy's office right then to tell him the news. I could not even wait a couple of hours for him to get home!! We went out to dinner to celebrate. It was so difficult to not call everyone we knew right then with the exciting news.

You were such a good and happy baby. You slept and ate really well from day one. Once you learned how to smile and laugh that is all you did! We started going to a church playgroup when you were 6 months old and no one believed that you ever cried because whenever they saw you, you were smiling. Every where we went people commented on your beautiful blue eyes and your little sprout of a pony tail on top of your head. You really were adorable and still are!!

As a toddler you got into everything! You loved to color and paint, play outside especially in the sandbox, and "collect" things. You would gather up all of your toys that were alike such as getting all of your horses together to play or all of your bears together to play. You liked to line things up, even your food sometimes!

As a preschooler you have now become quite the little ballerina. I guess it was not quite a year ago you discovered Angelina Ballerina. She quickly became one of your favorite characters. You dance every where you go whether there is music or not! You started ballet class just a couple of weeks ago. Your favorite color is pink. You still like to color and draw but you are now learning how to use scissors and glue. Your new hobby is cooking. You love to watch the Food Network with Mommy and pretend cook at your little kitchen the recipe you have seen on television. You also really like to help Mommy in the real kitchen.

You became a big sister this year and have been such a good big sister! You are very helpful getting various things for Mommy like baby wipes and pacifiers and burp cloths. You can make your sister smile and laugh like no one else and enjoy playing with her ~ most of the time!

As I look back at photographs of you over the past three years I can't believe how much you have changed in such little time and how fast you have grown up. Especially over the past year you have become such a big girl and a beautiful girl!

This is a slide show I made of some of my favorite photos and moments of you since the day you were born.

I thank God every day for you. You are so special in a lot of ways but especially because you made me a Mommy. I can never tell you enough how much I love you and can never give you enough hugs and kisses!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you very much!!

Love, Momma

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