Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday Already!?!?!?

I can not believe it is Thursday already! Where did the week go?

The week got off to a rough start with Samantha not feeling well. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and was told she had a little virus and it would clear up on its own. After the fever left for good she had a slight rash on her tummy and head which led me to believe she had Roseola which ironically enough Gabrielle had around the same age. Her rash is now gone and the only symptom that remains is her fussiness. The afternoons and evenings have been the worse - of course when I need to be cooking dinner and getting everyone ready for bed! The past two days she has screamed so much that now her little voice is hoarse. She did not sleep as well last night as she usually does. I hope this is just a phase, maybe she is spoiled from being held so much while she was sick.

The week has certainly not been all bad though. Gabrielle attended her first dance class yesterday morning. She was so excited. She loves all things ballet and Angelina Ballerina. Her prize for potty training last year was a pink ballet outfit. She twirls around the house constantly. She even wants a ballerina birthday. For her birthday I thought she would like a new ballet outfit and some ballet slippers. Ed wanted to take it a step further and get her enrolled in some classes. Yesterday we were just "trying" the class but I knew that Gabrielle was going to love it - and she did! She talked about her teacher and "ballet school" the rest of the day. We borrowed ballet shoes from the dance studio yesterday. I wish I had a photo of Gabrielle's face when her teacher put those ballet shoes on her little feet. Her face just lit up! My heart melted. It was one of the sweetest faces I've ever seen. Ed and I will take her shopping later in the week to buy her own shoes, tights and probably a new leotard and I'm hoping to get a dance bag made for her by her birthday.

And now this week in photos...

Since Gabrielle will not start preschool this year I try to do as many creative and learning activities as I can find time and patience for but I always make sure it is fun and I'm not trying to force her to learn anything. She loves art projects and here she is cutting and gluing.

And one of the final projects - a boat. She is saying "boat" in the picture instead of "cheese" which is why her mouth looks like it does.

Just playing around with the color options on my camera.

Samantha loves kisses!!

Samantha, like her sister as a baby,
likes trying to
grab Ed's facial hair.

Getting ready for her first Creative Ballet class.
I'll have better pictures up next
week once we have her new ballet uniform.

Samantha chillin' in her playpen. This is the
only time she has been in there not
screaming and it only lasted for a few minutes.
I hope it is just because she doesn't feel
herself and that she will eventually
learn to love the playpen. This is also the first
time wearing shoes. She wears little booties all the
time but these are her first shoes - little pink tennis shoes - so cute!

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