Friday, September 4, 2009

Cereal - Yummm!!

My baby is getting so big!! Samantha went to the doctor Tuesday for her 4 month checkup. She now weighs 15 lbs. 1 ounce and is 25-3/4 inches long. She started out so tiny, or at least I thought she was tiny. Gabrielle was 8-1/2 lbs. when she was born and was very long. She has always been very big for her age. So when the doctor put this tiny 7 lb. bundle in my arms I couldn't believe how little Samantha was. For the first week Samantha kept losing weight instead of gaining. It was not anything major but an altogether different experience than I had with Gabrielle. Finally, after a week of life she decided she was going to pack it on and gained 8 ounces in two days!! She has been on a steady climb up ever since.

We received the go ahead to start on rice cereal and after a week on cereal we can start veggies. Today was Samantha's first taste of cereal and she did fairly well with the new experience. I went by the directions on the box for mixing baby's first meal and it ended up a little runnier than I probably would have made it on my own. It was challenging to even keep a small amount on the spoon.

With the first spoonful she had this confused expression on her face. Most of the cereal dribbled down her chin. With the second taste she was a little less surprised and by about the fourth taste she was lunging at the spoon!! Her big sister was more excited than anyone about feeding Samantha and insisted on helping.

After her first taste.

And she likes it!!

Gabrielle feeding Samantha.

Here is a small video clip of Samantha eating this afternoon. Once again I took the video with my regular digital camera so there is no sound. All you would have heard would have been Gabrielle asking Samantha if she wanted her rice krispie treat. I didn't realize my hand would block the shot of Samantha's face so much so I apologize for the bad camera angle.

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