Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pullen Park

Today was a nice day. First, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were really sticky and messy but oh so yummy! I think we were all in sugar shock for the next couple of hours. Definitely only an occasional special treat for breakfast.

Samantha was feeling much better today. She slept until 9:00 am!! And then I had to wake her up. But fortunately my sweet little girl did not have a fever at all today and was not fussy either. We held off on the cereal today however. I wanted to be sure she was feeling better before dealing with that again.

We all needed to get out of the house for a bit so after a late lunch we headed to Pullen Park for some fun. I have been wanting to take Gabrielle there for some time now. It is a great park. I took the girls I used to babysit there years ago and it has not really changed much at all. There are swings, slides and the typical park features but Pullen Park also has a small train ride, peddle boats, a carousel, and a kiddie boat ride. The city of Raleigh is closing the park sometime next year for renovations so I really wanted to make a trip there before the attractions closed.

Dressed and ready to go...just waiting for Gabrielle to
finally finish her lunch.

Driving her little boat.

I love the expression on her face in this picture.
She was having so much fun!

On the swings.

I was a little worried that Samantha was
going to get dizzy on the carousel but
I think she did OK on it.

Definitely Gabrielle's favorite part of the day. She and Ed ended up
riding on the carousel twice and probably would have
done it a thousand more times if we could.

So it was a really fun day. I'm sure Ed has fallen asleep while watching the race by now. Gabrielle is watching "Sound of Music" for the first time. It is on ABC Family. During all of the songs she is lip syncing and dancing around. I don't think she realizes yet that she is not going to be able to watch it all. I will have to make a point to put it on for her sometime to watch - maybe the next rainy day.

I hope everyone else is having a good Labor Day weekend as well. I guess today is the end of our weekend since Ed has to work tomorrow but I think we made the most of the weekend we had!

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leigh anna said...

oh i love pullen park! :)
it is one of my most favorite things about raleigh! :)