Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ordinary Saturday

Today started out as just a pretty ordinary Saturday. I could make a long list of things I needed to do - laundry, cleaning, data entry work, etc - but had zero motivation to do any of them. Ed got home from work around 1:30 and basically went straight to our bedroom to take a nap. Gabrielle was content playing in her room and Samantha was taking her second nap of the day after a fairly fussy morning. I decided instead of sitting at the computer, surfing Facebook and other blogs, waiting for motivation to do "chores" I would take the weekend off and only do the things I wanted to do.

I worked on Gabrielle's baby book first. I was not too far behind. I had not added photos from her second birthday yet but had at least journalled all the details of the day fortunately. I do not think I could have remembered everything now if I had to try. I added a few more photos in her book from various special moments like her first snow in January of this year and then I was done getting caught up with her book.

Next I started - yes, finally started - Samantha's book. I have a Baby's First Year calendar in her room with stickers for various events and milestones. It is a quick and easy way to keep up with all of her "firsts" so that when I finally have time to work on her baby book I'm not struggling to remember when everything occurred. My Aunt Betsy had given me a calendar like this as a shower gift when I was expecting Gabrielle. It was one of the best gifts I received so I was very excited when I found one similar at Walmart after I found out I was expecting Samantha. I did not get completely caught up with Samantha's book before she woke up from her nap but I felt good about how far I did manage to get.

Samantha was not herself at all today. She slept really late. I finally went in and woke her up because I did not want her entire day thrown completely off. She was only up for a couple of hours before she went down for her first nap. The nap lasted a couple of hours which is pretty typical for her. She was not interested in her cereal when we tried it today and was very unhappy unless I was walking around with her, bouncing her and patting her back. She was only awake from her nap for about an hour before she fell asleep again. She is usually awake for a couple of hours at least. She slept for another hour or so and woke up screaming. She felt a little warm but I thought maybe it was from being so upset and worked up. Once I got her changed and calmed down Ed took her temperature and sure enough she was running a slight fever. My poor baby was pitiful for the rest of the day. Tylenol brought the fever down and when I put her to bed at 9:00 she was still running a normal temp. Hopefully she will sleep through the night and will be feeling herself in the morning.

For Saturday night dinners I have started trying new recipes. I actually used to try new recipes just about every day of the week but Ed was getting tired of trying new things and never getting seconds and thirds of the meals he really liked so we agreed that Saturdays would be the day reserved to try out new recipes. Tonight I made Melissa d'Arabian's, the Next Food Network Star, salmon cakes and orzo with thyme and lemon zest. As I was forming the patties I was really unsure how dinner was going to turn out. My patties did not look like Melissa's and I could barely keep them together to cover them with bread crumbs. I ended up being really happy with them. I thought they were good, Gabrielle loved them, and Ed even mentioned they were good. Ed likes my cooking in general, or at least I'm pretty sure he does, but he is not one to compliment every meal or say when he likes something every time. So when he does mention that he liked dinner I know the recipe is a keeper. Since tonight's meal was a keeper I thought I'd recommend it. It is fairly quick and easy and an inexpensive seafood recipe.

I'm off to bed now. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good night sleep and Samantha will be feeling better in the morning.

This photo is not from today. It was taken about a week ago. I just think Samantha looks so sweet in this photo I wanted to share it.

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Danielle Banks said...

Who would have thought keeping a baby book up to date was such hard work. I've already missed some items in Avery's because I didn't write it down right away. Plus I'm working on a scrapbook for her, I might finish by the time she graduates from high school!