Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Painting Pumpkins & More!

Yesterday Gabrielle and I painted our small pumpkins. Gabrielle didn't want a face on hers. She said she wanted to paint it with rainbow colors. It started out with all different colors but as with most of her artwork ended up more of a grayish-greenish-blackish color. But we did add some glitter and some pink puff paint to liven it up a bit.

This week all the dance classes where Gabrielle takes ballet were asked to dress like their favorite character or in their Halloween costume. I waited until the last possible minute (last night) to get Gabrielle's costume made but I managed to get it done. Gabrielle decided to be her absolute favorite character Angelina Ballerina, who is a mouse for those of you unfamiliar with the character. We already had the tutu and leotard so I only had to make some ears and a tail. Gabrielle was so excited last night when I got them done and the first thing she asked about this morning was her costume.

I can't wait to see Samantha in her costume on Saturday. I hope with the warm weather we're expecting on Saturday that she doesn't get too hot in her costume.

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