Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tonight our pumpkins became jack-o-lanterns! This was the first for all of us. Ed and I as kids had each carved pumpkins with our parents but never had we carved one together. We've always gotten pumpkins to set on our porch for decoration but never carved them. We figured Gabrielle is at the age that she would be excited about it even if she couldn't help with a lot of the process yet.

I found some templates online. Gabrielle's favorites were the most intricate designs. Fortunately she is still easily persuaded out of her opinion most of the time.

Samantha has her pumpkin ready to go!

And the cutting begins. I don't think Gabrielle quite understood what we were doing at this point.

I apparently am raising a prissy little girl. The one part of the process she could do which I thought she would love, she did not like at all. She did not like the slimy feel of the pumpkin "guts" and would not help scoop the stuff out.

When asked what she was making while she stirred the seeds and pumpkin "guts" she answered "a jack-o-lantern".

Ta-da! My pumpkin is on the left and Ed's is on the right.

I never realized how difficult taking a picture of a lit jack-o-lantern would be. This is the best out of the dozen we took. This is also the point at which Gabrielle finally went "ooh" and "aah" and actually understood what we were making.

We decided to only carve the two bigger pumpkins. I told Gabrielle she could paint the two smaller ones tomorrow. She is still insistent on making a pie so we will buy a couple of small pumpkins from the grocery store and make a pie at some point.

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