Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrr...It's Cold!!

The weather we are having right now is absurd! This is not a normal North Carolina winter and I am not liking it! I don't mind cooler temperatures. I am certainly not a fan of North Carolina summers, but I definitely don't like 30 degree weather with wind.

We've had a busy week so far. My mom was visiting and we spent a couple of days out and about shopping. She left this afternoon. We had a great time with Meemaw and I was certainly sad to see her go (Mama is always an enormous help around here with the girls and everything else!) But tomorrow I am looking forward to a day of not leaving the house. I am looking forward to wearing sweats, not putting on make up or doing my hair, staying around the house, doing some laundry, sipping on some coffee and hot chocolate and hopefully some lounging with my girls.

Gabrielle and Samantha have been their typical busy bodies. Samantha is all over the place. She likes to "chase" Gabrielle down the hall. And Gabrielle loves being chased even if it is by an 8 month old on her hands and knees. When Samantha woke up crying from her afternoon nap Gabrielle informed me Samantha did not like "living in her crib" and wanted to come out to play. Let's hope Gabrielle continues to enjoy her playmate even once Samantha is even more in all her stuff.

I guess there really isn't too much else to say but I start to feel guilty after going three or more days without blogging! Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

On Sunday Gabrielle dressed in her new Snow White costume so she could watch the movie.

Samantha on her new roll-along pony. Yeehaw!

This afternoon we played Mickey Mouse Uno and My Little Pony board game while Samantha napped.

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Matt Guthrie said...

Gabrielle'll enjoy her playmate for quite a while. Around 5th grade, def 6th, you'll begin to see the distancing. We definitely are now. It's hard on the younger one when that happens.