Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Interesting Saturday Morning

It is only a little after 8:00 am and already some unusual and amusing events have taken place here. First I have been up since 5:00. You heard me - 5:00 am!! On a Saturday!! I am not nor have I ever been a morning person but for the a couple of weeks now I have been training myself to get up earlier and earlier in hopes of getting some quiet time to myself before the crazy day begins. Only a couple of days, today being one, have the girls actually slept late enough for me to get this time. But back to the point, I have been up over 3 hours already and it is Saturday. And I don't even feel tired. Very unlike me.

Gabrielle was in the kitchen eating her Trix cereal while I was giving Samantha her bottle. Gabrielle was asking why I was giving Samantha a bottle and I explained to her that babies get a bottle when they wake up. I told Gabrielle when Samantha turns one she would no longer get a bottle in the morning and would sit at the table to have breakfast - just like Gabrielle. Gabrielle asked her usual "why" so I tried to explain to her how babies grow up and once they are one they are no longer babies but toddlers. So to get to the sweet part of this story (at least I thought it was sweet) - the idea that Samantha was going to grow up and not be a baby forever did not appeal to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle replied, "But I thought we would have a baby forever. I just want Samantha to be a baby." Oh how many times I have felt the same way. If only I could freeze time and keep both my girls small for just a little longer.

And now to the third event of the morning which some of you I'm sure will find amusing even though at the time I can't say I saw any humor in it. Samantha had a couple of ounces left of her bottle when she pushed it away. Some times she needs to take a little breath or burp near the end of her bottle so I didn't think much of it. She let out a little burp and then a little bit of formula came up. And then more formula. And before I knew she had completely spewed out all 6 ounces she had just taken. All over the clean clothes I had just put her in, all over my clothes (I was still in exercise clothes so no biggie there) and all over the couch and floor. Then she smiled and laughed as I sat there in horror and confusion.

I'm still not sure what happened but I do have a couple of theories. First, we are out of the usual nursery water I use to mix her bottles. It is not the first time this has occurred. I used tap water which I give her in a sippy cup during meals regularly. I tried to let it get to room temperature but it was a little cooler than her bottle is usually. Could it have been the cooler bottle temp that caused her to not keep it down? My second theory involves her clothing. I had dressed her in jeans, a onesie and sweater cardigan. The jeans were a little snug. The poor thing has such a belly I would have to buy jeans a size or two too long in order for them to fit comfortably around her mid section. I could get the jeans snapped without too much effort so I thought once she had them on for a little bit they would stretch a little and be ok. But could it be the jeans were just too tight around her belly to make eating comfortable?

Don't worry - grocery shopping is on my to do list for the day and I have nursery water on the list. As for the jeans, I guess she won't be wearing those anymore. We'll just have to stick to nice stretchy elastic waist leggings.

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