Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Warmer Temps!

Finally it is warming up a little! The girls and I are so tired of the freezing temps. The only time we have been out of the house it seems is to go to doctor appointments and shopping. I can barely recall the last time we got outside to play. So tomorrow the high is supposed to reach 60 degrees and we are definitely going to take advantage of the weather. I did most of our grocery shopping today and only have a few things to pick up at a second grocery store tomorrow. Park here we come!! Hopefully Gabrielle can get some energy burned off and the sunshine will put us all in little more cheery moods.

Samantha with one of her favorite toys of late - a measuring spoon!!

Gabrielle showing off all her jewelry.

"hmm...I wonder if this is my size?"

Look what Ed brought home today!! I finally have a new 3-in-1 printer. I have gone without a printer for about a year now and really wanted one with a scanner. And now I have it!! Let the coupon printing and photo scanning begin!!!

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