Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Photos

Just some photos from this crazy day of ours...

Samantha in her crib this morning. The photo quality isn't that great but she really did look cute. She was staring at her mobile and sucking on her fingers.

Having some coffee. This was after the formula spewing incident. I didn't want to put clothes on her again until I knew for sure she was going to keep the second bottle down. It made little difference since I had to change her clothes two more times regardless due to diaper incidents.

Sporting our Valentine socks today. I wore a pair today too but it was hard enough getting a photo of their feet together.


I love the look Gabrielle is giving Samantha. It is the loving annoyed look only a sister could give.

Standing up to the dog food container. Today was the first time I let Samantha in the kitchen on the floor to explore on her own - supervised of course. She had fun getting into everything and seeing her reflection in the oven door.

" do I get out there?"

Some yoga moves.

It seems like all I post are pictures of Samantha lately and very few of Gabrielle. It certainly isn't because I don't try to take photos of Gabrielle. She just moves much quicker than Samantha and when Gabrielle sees the camera she immediately gives me a scowl look and asks "hey, what are you doing? why are you taking a picture of me?"

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