Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas is Really Over

The decorations are down and packed away in the attic. Yesterday was our last Christmas 2009 celebration. I guess that means Christmas is really over for us - at least for the next 10 months - and it is time for us to figure out what normal is again.

Yesterday, while a long day due to little girls waking up way too early and staying up way too late, was a long day but it was filled with lots of fun! We went to Tarboro to GrandDad's house. Aunt T, Uncle Nick and Dominic were there too. We ate, we played, we opened gifts, played some more, ate again and then left for home.

All the kids were super excited about everything they received and boy did they get a lot. I had just figured out where all the new toys from my family's celebration and Santa were going to go and now I have to reorganize and find a few more good places. I better not hear anything about being bored or wanting something to do for a very, very long time!!

It is always exciting to see the kids reactions to opening gifts. Sometimes they were excited because ripping the paper revealed something they have really, really been wanting and other times they were thrilled because opening a gift revealed a great surprise - not something they specifically asked for but something so great they knew they were going to love. Watching my girls open gifts over the past couple of weeks from family and friends helped me realize just how loved we are. I don't feel loved because so many people went and spent money on more things for the girls but because people thought about my girls and took the time to pick out something especially for them and because people took the time to send warm thoughts and well wishes through cards and other notes.

I'm happy in so many ways to have the hustle and bustle of Christmas over, to have my house back in some relative order but I hope to carry with me all the love and generosity my family has been the recipient of this Christmas throughout this new year.

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