Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing, Playing - Ouch!

I came close to conquering the laundry but I still have a couple of loads to go, plus a basket full of the girls' clothes that need to be put away and another load in the dryer needing folding and putting away. It will just have to wait until the weekend though because tomorrow we will be heading back out into the cold for some appointments and grocery shopping.

It was so nice to not leave the house today though. We were all dressed in our comfy sweats and took it easy for most of the day. The girls played and played and played. Gabrielle was playing so nicely with Samantha all day. She wasn't being rough (for the most part) and wasn't taking toys from her (an unfortunate but usual habit of hers currently). Instead Gabrielle was showing Samantha how different toys worked. She was "chasing" her and laughing with her and they were both being silly together. Samantha just adores her sister so much!

Here they are playing with their Build-a-Bears.

And coming after me down the hall.

Gabrielle was "rocking" Samantha. When I told her to let Samantha go she told me she couldn't until she was done rocking her. I wish I had my video camera on hand to catch the real action. Poor Samantha!

This I found hilarious. While I was starting dinner the girls were playing near the kitchen set where I couldn't see them without peeking around the corner. So I would peek around to check on them every couple of minutes. At one point when I sneaked a peek I only saw Samantha. She was sitting up, staring at the kitchen set, reaching out her hand. Then I realized Gabrielle had scrunched herself inside the "oven" part of the kitchen. She was laughing and talking to Samantha through the window. I'm not sure if Samantha was concerned or confused or amazed - probably a little bit of everything. It was really cute.

I told Gabrielle to crawl out of the kitchen and to stay out while I was cooking dinner. I didn't want anyone getting hurt. Well unfortunately shortly after this we had our first sibling-induced injury. The girls were still playing near the kitchen set and when Gabrielle slammed the oven door closed the corner of it got Samantha in the head. Samantha cried out in pain and shock and Gabrielle went running! The boo-boo is nothing serious and I'm sure it is the first of many with having the two interacting with each other a lot more now.

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Matt Guthrie said...

And so it begins. BTW, I love all the pics you post.