Monday, January 11, 2010


The game of Peek-a-boo seems to be the play of choice for our girls the past couple of days. I keep finding Gabrielle squeezed into tiny little spaces - her kitchen oven, any and every basket, bag or box lying around, etc. Today she dumped a couple of her toy bins, took the bins in to her tent and climbed in one. She used the second bin as the lid to her little box. Samantha is amazed every time by this feat.

I finally finished Samantha's blankie yesterday afternoon. She seems to like it. She is in no way "attached" to it and I do not think I want her "attached" to anything. But it would be nice if there was something I could give her that would comfort her, something she could use to comfort and soothe herself. With Gabrielle it was a pacifier. As long as she had her paci she was okay. With Samantha so far the only thing that works is me! And sometimes I can't even get the job done!

After giving Samantha her new blankie, we started playing peek-a-boo with it. I've decided this must be her favorite game at the moment. She laughed and laughed and laughed. And then she started making the silliest faces, squinting her eyes and scrunching up her nose. I then laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some photos. I still don't think I have quite captured "the face" but still pretty cute. Excuse the dirty face. Her nose stays runny and gross and her face is so dry and chapped I think it must be painful for me to wipe it after meals. I do the best I can throughout the day and just make sure I get it real good at bath time.

Samantha continued her game of peek-a-boo after bath with her towel and even today each time I change her diaper. Every age has its cute moments and fun but for me around 8-9-10 months was my favorite time with Gabrielle and seems to be looking that way with Samantha as well.

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