Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010!!

I love the feelings a new year brings - feelings of hope, a fresh new start, a new beginning, and the can-do feeling of being able to accomplish anything!

We had a quiet and unexciting New Year's eve. I am perfectly content with this because excitement is not always a good thing! I made a special dinner of lobster tails, steak, steak fries and salad and for dessert homemade cream puffs. Yum! The girls woke up from late naps just as I was getting started with dinner. Fortunately Ed got home from work very close to then as well so he entertained and danced with the girls while I finished cooking. The girls were a little later than usual getting to bed because of their late naps but by 10:00 I was the only one in the house still awake!! So I spent the last couple of hours of 2009 on the computer blogging and emailing and updating my 2010 planner.

Here is the very last photo taken in 2009:

I predict refereeing wrestling matches in my future!

And here is the very first photo taken in 2010:

Gabrielle is working on a giraffe puppet while Samantha nibbles on some Cheerios and her frog rattle.

And just a cute photo of my messy yogurt girl!

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