Friday, January 15, 2010

A Nice Day

I know - my blog titles are horrible. I think it must be the most difficult part about posting!

Today actually turned out to be the nice day the meteorologists had forecasted! Gabrielle and I played in the backyard a little before and after lunch. Samantha fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store and slept through the middle of the day.

Gabrielle did some digging...

...some climbing...

...some sliding...

and some swinging but I didn't get any photos of that nor did I get photos of her drawing all over her swing set with sidewalk chalk. The girl LOVES sidewalk chalk! She was covered head to toe in yellow chalk by the time we came in the house. I washed her up, changed her clothes and put her to bed for her quiet time. It took Samantha about 10 minutes after I had Gabrielle settled to wake up and decide she wanted lunch! My entire day was completely thrown off but that's the way it goes some days I suppose.

A little later this afternoon we took a nice leisurely walk. Gabrielle would have walked forever I believe but I was getting tired of walking at a snail's pace. Once we got back home I let Gabrielle play in the front yard for another half hour to burn off some more energy. My photo blog has a collage of some of the random photos I took while we were hanging out on the front steps.

After dinner tonight I decided to make some "healthy" chocolate chip cookies. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies and since I met my monthly weight loss goal a little early I decided I could allow myself a healthy cookie. They turned out pretty good - much better than I expected - and maybe a little too good. It will be more difficult to limit myself to the one cookie per serving a day! I only baked one pan of the batch of cookies so I don't have a ton of cookies tempting me everyday. I took a tip from Martha Stewart and froze the rest of the batch by first scooping out cookies onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper as if I was going to bake them. I put the baking sheet in the freezer for a while to freeze the cookie dough in individual cookies. Then I put all the cookies into a freezer bag and back into the freezer. Now whenever I want a couple of cookies I don't have to make an entire batch. I can just pop 5-6 into the oven and voila! Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!!

Gabrielle enjoyed the cookie too. I don't think she even noticed they were any different than the normal cookies I make.

All in all a nice day. Gabrielle was a little clumsy today - well, ok, a lot clumsy. She tripped twice on our walk and scraped the palm of her hands a little and tonight she kept tripping and falling into furniture, walls, pretty much anything and everything. I think part of the problem was she was tired. She was up really early this morning. I had hoped she would fall asleep during her quiet time but she fought it all the way and would not lay down long enough to actually relax and fall asleep. Tonight she was asleep probably five minutes after saying good night. Samantha was her regular silly self today. She must have recently discovered her tongue because she now keeps it sticking out her mouth almost constantly. And I caught her trying to stick her finger in the one electrical outlet in her room we don't have a baby proof cover on.!I now need to spend the weekend making sure all outlets are covered. This little girl is certainly going to give us a run for our money and be into EVERYTHING!!!

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