Sunday, December 12, 2010

After a Little Bribery

After weeks of begging, explaining, promising and then finally a little bit of bribery we convinced Gabrielle to allow me to change out her earrings. From the time she had her ears pierced she talked and asked about the day she could wear new earrings but when the day finally came and I started to pull on the backing of the existing earring she decided being able to change her earrings was not all that important. She was terrified it was going to hurt all over again and refused to let anyone get their hands near her ears. GrandDad even begged her tonight to have new earrings in by next week when he comes to visit for Christmas.

I'm not sure what exactly did the trick - promising to not pull too hard, promising a present - but she finally allowed me to change out her earrings. After I took the first one out she cried. I'm not sure why. It certainly didn't hurt but I guess I had to pull harder than she thought I should. But once we put the near earring in - a gold sea turtle - her face lit up, she started clapping with excitement and was thrilled.

After both earrings had been changed she got to open her surprise and was even more ecstatic. She finally got her stuffed Rudolph she has wanted since last Christmas. Rudolph is probably her favorite Christmas "character" and she talks about him nonstop. She is thrilled to finally have her very own little Rudolph.

From My Little Sunbeams

Thank goodness the earring anxiety issue is dealt with, done and over!!!

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