Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love, Santa

In the mailbox today we received the reply I was hoping to get - a postcard from Santa!! Gabrielle was really excited.

On Saturday we visited Santa in person. Gabrielle told me she was not going to be shy this year and was going to actually talk to Santa herself. She did pretty good and managed to tell him one item on her list. Samantha was excited to see Santa while we were standing in line. Once we got near Santa she suddenly turned more serious. She also managed to say a word or two to him and leaned down from my arms to give him a hug but there was no way she was going to let me set her on his lap. So here is our Santa photo this year - Ha!

I did not want to hold up the line therefore did not get the chance to pass off my camera to someone to get a photo. Fortunately there was a photographer taking photos but instead of paying the insane cost one will find at the malls for a tiny package of photos, at the end of the day the photographer took a disc of that day's photos to the nearby CVS. Today I stopped by the CVS, viewed our photos and printed whatever I wanted of the photo. I thought this was a great idea and system.

I did manage to snap a quick shot of Gabrielle with Santa.

I wish I had a photo of the sticky mess Samantha was after enjoying her candy cane from Santa. She certainly enjoyed it! By the time we got home her face and hands were red and sticky and what was left of her candy cane was covered in lent from her sweater. It was pretty gross! *smile*

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