Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peace On Earth December Challenge

It is now week 3 of the challenge over at Women Living Well. I have to say I really enjoyed my scheduled bubble bath last week even though I had to borrow my daughters' Disney Princess bubble bath! I was so relaxed and refreshed I really wanted to schedule a second one but the week got away from me before I had the chance. Maybe Santa will surprise me with some really nice Bath & Body bubble bath in my stocking and I can enjoy another quiet bath after Christmas.

This week's challenge is going to be super tough. My calendar and to-do list is out of control this week with last minute Christmas preparations. To schedule a night of getting in bed - and going to sleep - super early this week BEFORE my to do list is all checked off will certainly be tough for me to commit to. But I also know I NEED this. I need this time to get my priorities back in order and to remind myself what is really important about this time of year and to enjoy Christmas all the more.

I'm getting out the calendar now and scheduling my early bedtime!!

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